Stuff what I wrote for other people

The Sharp End of The Rupee (The Border House, Jan 2013) – on wealth in games

Reflections on A Ruined Fountain (The Ontological Geek, June 2013)  – close reading of a room in Metroid Prime

The Rhetoric of Puerto Rico (Memory Insufficient, Issue 4 / July 2013) – applying Bogost’s theory of procedural rhetoric to critique this board game as revisionist history

Games and Meaning (Seminar, University of York, December 2013) – how to tell stories with board games

Sky Odyssey, Spelunky and Flavors of Difficulty (Gameranx, April 2014) – a retrospective on the difficulty systems of a PS2 cult flying simulator

Objection! Just what makes for a good adventure game puzzle anyway? (presentation, 9worlds, August 2014) – on the two biggest problems with adventure games and how to fix them

A Game Design Vocabulary (First Person Scholar, October 2014) – book review of Anthropy & Clark’s awesome collaboration



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