What’s all this then

Hail, Reader! My name’s Seb. Maybe Make Something Better is the home for my long-form thoughts about game design.


  • Games are art.
  • One of the purposes of good games criticism should be to improve games literacy.
  • Games literacy fosters an audience that can get more out of games, which in turn helps us to create better games.
  • Thus, one of the purposes of good games criticism is to help us make better games.
  • But: we don’t yet know how to write good games criticism.
  • Let’s talk about games. Let’s make some games.


  • One part Aaron A. Reed’s classic multimedia browser game, Maybe Make Some Change.
  • One part Mountain Goats lyrics.
  • Dash of optimism to season.

The opinions expressed on this website are mine alone, and should not be taken to reflect those of my employers in past, present, or future.

Have fun.

– S




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